Southbank Street Art

Lovely Father’s Day in London’s Southbank.  Did the London Eye. Sea life and Cod & Chips at The Wharf.  Magic day with my family! Thought I’d share some Street Art with you.           

It’s been awhile!

It’s been awhile! I took up a new part time job in October last year.  Life began and had to be very compartmentalised, with uni stuff early in the week and practice stuff at the tail end of week! It’s been non stop prep and teaching to a great crew but incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling.   […]

A brave man!

Saw this on TED and was moved. A brave individual who’s story is an inspiration to all free thinkers! We are not tied to the dogma of our past. Nothing is without, or above question!

I’m bored therefore I blog!

Saw this on my London lunchtime walk around. It’s a provocative caption and made me think. So the issue as I see it is that rich people normally are well educated, get jobs in specific fields that command a certain salary. Why shouldn’t they live in a nice property. They are likely to have worked […]

Poem #10

I have crossed the line. Swam in cotton castles. Seen the northern lights And made angels in snow. I have lived, And died a thousand times In dreams. I have fallen from grace And reveled in the freedom of non belief. Been lost… And found. I am all with you And nothing without.


As a child I sat on a humid, hot, cloudy day on a footpath near Kitty O’Keeffr’s corner shop eating an ice lolly. I stopped and sat because my lolly was dripping all over my hand due to the stifling heat! As I sat my skin and hair tingled and almost felt like a sting. […]

Tuesday Routine!

Last Tuesday was one of those rare occasions when I took the day off sick! Being ill is a complete disruption to your routine, to some maybe a welcome one, but for me, I like the variety in my week, the late’s, the early’s and the weekly trip to the metropolis! So in essence I […]

Moving on!

It’s that time of year when I say good bye to one cohort and the following week say hello to the incoming team and the academic cycle starts again. It’s a time of mixed emotion, sad to see those students go who, we have spent the year learning with, nurturing and enjoying those threshold moments […]

Christina Perri

Listening to Christina Perri is like having Sunday morning coffee and a blueberry muffin at your favorite cafe, engrossed in your paper, looking up to lose your gaze out of the window at a world wondering by and smiling smugly to yourself, content in that very moment!