House rules sabotaged!

A recent visit from our niece and nephew saw our house rules been sabotaged! It was on a couple of days later that we noted the defacement!



Tired of London! Tired of Life!

I love dipping into the city with all it has to offer but I wouldn’t want to live there! I ‘m a bit more Dickensian in that respect in the I like retreating back to the sticks!

I thought I’d share Dr Johnson’s take on London with you!


A little nugget in a window

Union Street. London. Somebody plucked this little nugget from the newspaper and stuck it in their window to share with anybody who he the curiosity to stop awhile and take the time to read & reflect. Thought I’d share the moment!


Happy Birthday To My Printer!

Mark’s one of the good guys! He’s been my printer for years and he and his team have been an innovative part of my business and just wanted to say Happy Birthday Mark and thanks!


Commit no nuisance!

On walk about in Southwark, London. Thought you might enjoy this hidden down a backstreet where I’m sure the occasional individual would have looked upon the sign and urinated anyway!


A Harry Potter moment!

Washing my hands during the weekend a drip hit the floor and the moment caught my eye. As I looked at the drip I noticed it had a face in it and I had a Harry Potter “Grim” moment! See what you think!


A Platform Poem

City gents booted and suited,
plain, plad and pinstripe
red tie, black tie, green tie, blue.
Juxtaposed shirts and Shiny shoes
Designer specs and Dr. Dre cans.
The uniform of the masses
The drudgery of routine
The outbound and the inbound
Connected and disconnected
seeking sanctuary in the solitude of music, play or The Standard.
Locked into who’s doing what on Facebook
The monotony of commuting.