Signal fault!

So what feels like the whole of London has come to a standstill due to signalling problems at London bridge station!

I’ve decided to go for an Indian while they sort the issue. It’s been a long day and I’m tired. Examining always takes it out of me.

I’m seated beside a couple of guys on a date and inevitable I overhear their conversation, downloading and sharing their day with fluidity and intent enquiry!

I’m struck by this couples interest in each other’s interaction with their day and left feeling I have a lot to learn about listening and talking.

They leave and the suits turn up talking in contrast complete and utter empty bollocks!

Early train with all the other suits!

Normally I dress casually for my teaching post in London as I’m not into the power dressing scene! I’d rather gain respect and engender trust for the way I behave and the contributions I make than the way I look.

However today is an exception as I’m examining this afternoon which has an etiquette all of its own so I’m one of the suits on my commute in!

I’d take a “selfie” if I wasn’t so self conscious unfortunately I’m not naturally photogenic nor am I a big fan of the self portrait! The sign of our times when selfie enters the English as a new word and couples are having less sex in the bedroom due to increased use of tablets and phones!
BBC News – modern life is turning us off sex

I used to be a player! (October 13/13)

You know your getting old when you walk into Topman and the attractive looking retail assistant looks at you and thinks … that’s really nice he’s out shopping with his son! … as she looks over your shoulder looking for him only to be disappointed that your in there on your own looking at fashion that your old enough to remember first time round!

I used to be players when they wern’t even twinkles!

Getting old grumpily!

(Ported from old blog!)

Last train home (April 23/13)

The station is notable less busy at this time of night! It’s still bright and finally the city is warm for this time of day! Spring is here!

The people are different too at this of day. Executives who’ve had a “bite and a beer” before heading home, the dysmorphics who’ve “done the gym” and feelin pumped and the PA’s who’ve shared a beer with the boss and call me cynical but maybe something else!.

All waiting for a train to take us home. Same again tomorrow!

(Ported from old blog.)

A Girl Called Jack

Thought I’d share this site as I’m a fan! I love strong opinionated women, (it’s why I married my wife Jack!)

Her blog is interesting in that she combines her obvious love of food with writing and campaigning for Oxfam and writing about her life experience. Hunger Hurts is particularly moving!

Check it out, try the recipes and share your thoughts!

A Girl Called Jack!

Life in boxes!

Windows, doors & balconies
Boxes stacked on boxes
blandly reaching skyward
All dressed up in Ikea
Curtains, drawers & wardrobe.

A content looks down brushing her hair and smiles a wry smile
Knowingly she’ll be catching the later box!

Filled with contents coughing, sneezing
and depositing copious amounts of mucous in cotton.
Back in a pocket for safekeeping.
At least today’s box has heating!