Random raindrops!

Random drops in pavement puddles, dotted here and there.
Reflecting street lights, Guys and the Shard in a Monetesque way.
Peds darting too and fro to avoid
sea of umbrellas, all shape, all sizes bobbing up and down.
And puddles.

Every face is skewed, squinting, shoulders hiked to protect from a deluge which is a drizzle.
The etiquette of the umbrella and the suit who couldn’t give a fuck
Ploughing through peds expressionless, fixed, unengaged, lost.

Checker boards and Christmas lit cranes punctuate the iridescent orange sky.
We platform huddle waiting for our box.
Exchanging a city scape for the bleak urban view, I’m contently plugged in, homeward bound.

Too much coffee!

So it’s been on if those days where I’ve struggled to drag myself out of bed and it seems everybody around me is having one of those surreal days where time is melting like Dali and getting away from us!

2 patients were late through no circumstances of their making and reporting similar difficulties rising today! Perhaps it’s our biorhythm’s? (Not that I am a believer in that nonsense!)

My solution to this day is to kick my Tassimo into over drive with the result that I’ve consumed so my coffee I have a headache. I think it’s time for a small number of chocolate digestives or maybe a packet just to keep me going.



Zero five dot dot twenty three
Projected in red led on my celling
What do you do with seven minutes before the alarm goes off?

An enthused person would jump out of bed and start their day seven minutes before schedule and would be “ahead of themselves”.

In these moments before that programmed annoyance that signals a definite beginning to the day welcome or not I ponder what I should do!

Should I get ahead of myself? I wondered what other people do the snoozers, the premature, the permanent lates and lost in this inner dialogue of nothing of importance I fall asleep…to be woken by the programmed annoyance seven minutes later hailing the start of another day.

Have a good day and savour the moment what’s the point in getting ahead of yourself it’s an illusion.