You can’t move history!

In it’s day South Bank was an architectural marvel! The raw solidity of its concrete form and bold in your face design. It wasn’t pretty it wasn’t meant to be but it was supposed to be immoveable, unchanging and permanent.

People move in, made it their own, personalized it, made it look lived in! Made it look like it belonged, made it a community.

Turns out the suits have a different agenda and now want to move the skateboarders and convert the space to retail! Just what South Bank needs more retail space! Generate more revenue from this bit of culture!

Save South Bank history and sign the petition. History defines us it should be allowed to evolve! I’ve skated here I want to be able to go back again when I grow up and relive!

an image captured at south bank underpass

image from south bank underpass

The Waiting Area

The blue screen on the wall reads 9:27 ticket no 057 room 1
Patiently ,or no so we wait,
numbered, ordered.
Child in pushchair sleeps, as soporifically it’s young mother ebbs to and fro as she drones an unfolding drama on her phone.
An emaciated man in a monkey hat with a sparse set of teeth sips tea through a vast expanse.
A teenager hammers the luoczade machine while a Friend of Medway cleans tables.
Faces look around with varying levels of anxiety while others bury themselves in magazines or smart phones, offsetting, waiting for the call.
New glasses needed I think for bifocal “Mail Man” straining to read the fine print.
The tannoy voice echoes “Can ticket number 61 go to…”
I’m not in the que I’m just killing time enjoying my coffee!

Cold & crisp by the eye!

It a sunny day in London Town, a bit cold and crisp. We’re lunching in the new Jubilee park by the London Eye!

As you would expect there’s a lot of people enjoying this day! I thought I share a photo of this leafless tree juxtaposed against the eye, itself poised against a blue sky. A lovely moment worth sharing I think!