London window

This window is on my journey home. The artist who live here change these miniature models about once a month. There funny and full of irony and I enjoy them so I thought I’d share this piece of my day with a wider audience.

Some day when I’ve worked up the bottle I’ll ring the bell and have a chat!

Hope you get as much pleasure from this as I do. Enjoy the moment.



I grew up in a small provincial town in Southern Ireland, where, everybody made it their business to know everybody else’s business!

That’s just the way of things! People knew everybody’s people and all the sordid details of their families history. It’s a global thing, we’re not interested in the good bits, just the skeletons in the cupboards! The teenage pregnancy, divorces, affairs, the coming out’s, the addictions and all those other things worthy of gossip.

That’s what I love about London, the anonymity of the city. I’m lucky to dip in and out and otherwise go about detached and unconnected on my commute….

Ultimately though, I’m not above or beyond the human condition to discuss the misfortunes of others.