Moving on!

It’s that time of year when I say good bye to one cohort and the following week say hello to the incoming team and the academic cycle starts again.

It’s a time of mixed emotion, sad to see those students go who, we have spent the year learning with, nurturing and enjoying those threshold moments when they get it and realise they get it!

Today we meet the new Team 1. Looking forward to meeting them with the unexpected nervousness and anticipation of a child about taste sherbet dip for the first time!

As my little boy say “daddy it’s going to be epic!”

Christina Perri

Listening to Christina Perri is like having Sunday morning coffee and a blueberry muffin at your favorite cafe, engrossed in your paper, looking up to lose your gaze out of the window at a world wondering by and smiling smugly to yourself, content in that very moment!