As a child I sat on a humid, hot, cloudy day on a footpath near Kitty O’Keeffr’s corner shop eating an ice lolly. I stopped and sat because my lolly was dripping all over my hand due to the stifling heat!

As I sat my skin and hair tingled and almost felt like a sting. Out of the corner of my right eye I saw a flash, heard the fizz, followed by the deafening crack, and an indescribable smell.

Lightening struck twenty feet away from me. Since then I have been fascinated by weather and it’s awesome power and violence. It’s taken me years to capture an image of lightening, but something I have wanted to do since that moment all those years ago, that has sparked a life long fascination with weather. I hope you enjoy this moment!


Tuesday Routine!

Last Tuesday was one of those rare occasions when I took the day off sick! Being ill is a complete disruption to your routine, to some maybe a welcome one, but for me, I like the variety in my week, the late’s, the early’s and the weekly trip to the metropolis!

So in essence I happy to be dipping into the city today. I get to see and spend time with some remarkable students and great colleagues. It’s a privileged position to be in!

I enjoy the walk up Borough High Street to the teaching clinic. The sights, sounds of cafe life and the hustle and bustle of weaving in and out of people and bus cues. There doesn’t seem to be any etiquette just a chaotic free for all of meandering, side stepping and overtaking.

I not the biggest fan of Costa but when faced with the choice of that or Starbucks, give me Costs in a heart beat! I’d rather have a Nero brew but their in short supply on my jaunt up the high street. In the 3 yrs I’ve been a passenger in this routine I’ve gotten to know the coffee girl well! She’s a inboard with me habit and we exchange pleasantries.

I wonder how much of this description of my snapshot is common to you? Are their parts of this picture mirrored in your day?

Enjoy your day, stop to smell the coffee and take a moment for yourself!