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Saw this on my London lunchtime walk around. It’s a provocative caption and made me think.

So the issue as I see it is that rich people normally are well educated, get jobs in specific fields that command a certain salary. Why shouldn’t they live in a nice property. They are likely to have worked consistently hard most of their lives through secondary and 3rd level education to acquire their position. Education affords them opportunities to be upwardly mobile.

The flip side is the polar of the above. People in low socioeconomic groups are less likely to be upwardly mobile and will likely not have had the same emphasis placed on education or opportunities to participate.

So in essence education equals opportunity and increases social mobility. We can’t all be rich but we also shouldn’t have poverty.

Education is a basic human right and should be for all, potentially addressing the imbalance that gives rise to this individual’s sentiment.

Poem #10

I have crossed the line.
Swam in cotton castles.
Seen the northern lights
And made angels in snow.
I have lived,
And died a thousand times
In dreams.
I have fallen from grace
And reveled in the freedom of non belief.
Been lost…
And found.

I am all with you
And nothing without.