Street Art Cork City, Eire

I’ve always been a fan of street art as you’ve probable noticed!  I always take the time to study and capture for prosperity, sharing and later study!  

I’ve tried to impart my art history eye to my kids with numerous conversations about what statement, social comment the painter might be trying to make or convey to us as observers.  It hasn’t worked yet but I’m waiting for the questions and discussions that the threshold moment will bring with it!

An Autuminal eve

I lay on scorched grass immersed in the must of day giving way to night.  Light loses to the dark except for the distant glow of encroaching orange and the odd beacons on a country road that flood our field in headlights, mechanical sound disturbing the natural as it ebbs and flows to the distance leaving us once more in quite breathing.

There we lay silent in time watched over by the dark and the diamonds.  In this moment I close my eyes, withdraw my senses, willing lost, sinking.

Your whisper cradels me from the thought. Do you love me?  Aware only of your face in shadow, I can hear the echos of always before uttering yes.  Contented you take your place in the nape intoxicating with sweet perfume, tenderness of lips and the labor of breathing.  And just as day has succumb to the dark, I am found and left longing.