As a child I sat on a humid, hot, cloudy day on a footpath near Kitty O’Keeffr’s corner shop eating an ice lolly. I stopped and sat because my lolly was dripping all over my hand due to the stifling heat!

As I sat my skin and hair tingled and almost felt like a sting. Out of the corner of my right eye I saw a flash, heard the fizz, followed by the deafening crack, and an indescribable smell.

Lightening struck twenty feet away from me. Since then I have been fascinated by weather and it’s awesome power and violence. It’s taken me years to capture an image of lightening, but something I have wanted to do since that moment all those years ago, that has sparked a life long fascination with weather. I hope you enjoy this moment!


Tuesday Routine!

Last Tuesday was one of those rare occasions when I took the day off sick! Being ill is a complete disruption to your routine, to some maybe a welcome one, but for me, I like the variety in my week, the late’s, the early’s and the weekly trip to the metropolis!

So in essence I happy to be dipping into the city today. I get to see and spend time with some remarkable students and great colleagues. It’s a privileged position to be in!

I enjoy the walk up Borough High Street to the teaching clinic. The sights, sounds of cafe life and the hustle and bustle of weaving in and out of people and bus cues. There doesn’t seem to be any etiquette just a chaotic free for all of meandering, side stepping and overtaking.

I not the biggest fan of Costa but when faced with the choice of that or Starbucks, give me Costs in a heart beat! I’d rather have a Nero brew but their in short supply on my jaunt up the high street. In the 3 yrs I’ve been a passenger in this routine I’ve gotten to know the coffee girl well! She’s a inboard with me habit and we exchange pleasantries.

I wonder how much of this description of my snapshot is common to you? Are their parts of this picture mirrored in your day?

Enjoy your day, stop to smell the coffee and take a moment for yourself!

Moving on!

It’s that time of year when I say good bye to one cohort and the following week say hello to the incoming team and the academic cycle starts again.

It’s a time of mixed emotion, sad to see those students go who, we have spent the year learning with, nurturing and enjoying those threshold moments when they get it and realise they get it!

Today we meet the new Team 1. Looking forward to meeting them with the unexpected nervousness and anticipation of a child about taste sherbet dip for the first time!

As my little boy say “daddy it’s going to be epic!”

Christina Perri

Listening to Christina Perri is like having Sunday morning coffee and a blueberry muffin at your favorite cafe, engrossed in your paper, looking up to lose your gaze out of the window at a world wondering by and smiling smugly to yourself, content in that very moment!

London window

This window is on my journey home. The artist who live here change these miniature models about once a month. There funny and full of irony and I enjoy them so I thought I’d share this piece of my day with a wider audience.

Some day when I’ve worked up the bottle I’ll ring the bell and have a chat!

Hope you get as much pleasure from this as I do. Enjoy the moment.



I grew up in a small provincial town in Southern Ireland, where, everybody made it their business to know everybody else’s business!

That’s just the way of things! People knew everybody’s people and all the sordid details of their families history. It’s a global thing, we’re not interested in the good bits, just the skeletons in the cupboards! The teenage pregnancy, divorces, affairs, the coming out’s, the addictions and all those other things worthy of gossip.

That’s what I love about London, the anonymity of the city. I’m lucky to dip in and out and otherwise go about detached and unconnected on my commute….

Ultimately though, I’m not above or beyond the human condition to discuss the misfortunes of others.

Progress rolls on!

My first holiday outside the British Isles was to Albufeira, Portugal 23 yrs ago! I stayed on this street in a Portuguese house. Little cottages lined each side of the road and the hills behind were bare scrubland.

I revisited on Tuesday. The house I stayed in still stands and is the only recognisable part of this street. The old cottages where I drank champagne at 10am with an eccentric ageing hippy are long since gone making way for low rise apartments, a by product of tourism. The price of progress.



So Monday early, I’m on my way to work about eightish! It a lovely spring day, dry, sunny and a bit crisp. As I leave my road I spot a kid about 13yr judging by his hight, huddled by the doctor’s practice on the corner waiting for the school bus. He got a copy book in his hand and he’s obviously doing his homework.

It got me thinking that, that was me from an early age! The lies I told my mum about homework done to squeeze as much out of a weekend as possible! The excuses I gave teachers and the hidings I got as a result, were all worth it!

It seems that this is a trait I have carried with me all the way through my academic career! I’ve cleaned the entire house rather that sit down to write an essay or revise for an exam!

Finally as a teacher, I find excuses to put off till the last possible moment marking papers in a vain attempt to delay the inevitable! I hate homework mine and everyone else’s!

Hospital Cafe!

The blue screen on the wall reads 9:27 ticket no 057 room 1
Patiently, or not so, we wait,
timely ordered and numbered.

Child in pushchair sleeps, as soporifically, it’s young mother ebbs to and fro as she drones an unfolding drama on her phone.

An emaciated man in a monkey hat with a sparse set of teeth sips sweet tea through a vast expanse of decay.

A teenager hammers the luoczade machine while a Friend of Medway cleans tables oblivious. New glasses needed I think for bifocal “Mail Man” straining to read the fine print.

Surrounded by anxious faces while others bury themselves in magazines or smart phones, offsetting, waiting for the call!

The tannoy voice echoes “Can ticket number 61 go to…”
Thankfully, I’m not in the que I’m just killing time enjoying my coffee!

You can’t move history!

In it’s day South Bank was an architectural marvel! The raw solidity of its concrete form and bold in your face design. It wasn’t pretty it wasn’t meant to be but it was supposed to be immoveable, unchanging and permanent.

People move in, made it their own, personalized it, made it look lived in! Made it look like it belonged, made it a community.

Turns out the suits have a different agenda and now want to move the skateboarders and convert the space to retail! Just what South Bank needs more retail space! Generate more revenue from this bit of culture!

Save South Bank history and sign the petition. History defines us it should be allowed to evolve! I’ve skated here I want to be able to go back again when I grow up and relive!

an image captured at south bank underpass

image from south bank underpass