Time out!


My Mini is in the shop being sign written so I’m taking time out from telephone calls to have a coffee! This little place is a gem on Medway City estate, by their own admission not the cheapest but you get what you pay for! The coffee is just how I like it strong with a lingering bitter aftertaste.

Free No Frills Spelling Checker!

I can’t spell for toffee… I can’t read very well either.. well not aloud anyway. As a child I would cringe and pray that the teacher wouldn’t pick me.. and spelling tests on Friday’s were dreaded and my puncuation is still crap..

Here’s a little site that helps when the inbuilt spell checker doesn’t pick up your mistake or you’ve taught your spell checker the wrong word..

Spell Check

Hello world!

Hello World! Welcome to my 1st post! I hope that you enjoy my rants on the scenes that life presents me with on a day to day basis!

I give no guarantees that I won’t bore you senseless but this is like TV, you can switch at the click of a mouse! Secretly I hope you find some humour here, something that makes you smile and maybe something that provokes so thought and discussion!