It’s been on of those weeks where we see the depth and breadth of our humanity and inhumanity.  The atmosphere on the train into London was palpable, somber and reflective on Monday.

It was evident that we were all touched by the events of last weekend at London bridge and Burough market and the accumulative effect of Manchester and Westminster.

We all struggle with our emotions at these time, anger, sadness and condolence for those families on both side who have had futures taken from them.  Those who will no longer see their loved ones and live with the consequence of  the madness of a skewed ideology.

Violence historically has never worked.  When will we learn it’s always a last resort. It’s time to reason with the unreasonable.
Imagine a society where nothing’s worth dying for, no religion and the only faith we had was in each other’s compassion, respect and desire to work towards a greater good.